Phone: 021-52729421

Working Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Closed: Sunday,holiday)

Phone: 021-52729421

Hours: 9:00-17:00 (Closed: Toyo Day, Sunrise Day, Happy Day)


Main Products

We focus on the Japanese food, insist on selecting food ingredients from advantageous production countries, our direct imported products come from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway and other places, covering below categories: aquatic products, frozen processed products, rice and noodle products, condiments, beverages, desserts and drinks.


Founded in 2003, Shanghai Jufu Aquatic Food is the earliest supplier of Japanese food ingredients in Shanghai, representing most of the brand products of Japanese companies in China.


Founded in 2003, Shanghai Jufoods is the earliest supplier of Japanese restaurants in Shanghai, representing most of the brand products of Japanese companies in China.

Warehousing /distribution

Warehousing: Shanghai Baoshan, Jiading three warehouses, four temperature zone management (normal temperature, refrigerated, frozen, ultra-low temperature) standing stock of more than 50,000 boxes

Cold chain deliver: cold chain distribution by company owned cold chain truck (next-day delivery throughout Shanghai, specific information please consult with sales)

Normal temperature deliver: Jufoods’s own vehicle delivery (next-day delivery throughout Shanghai, suitable for enterprise general warehouse, dealer customers, etc.)


Since 2016, Jufoods has focused its procurement on foreign countries and started direct sourcing according to customers' demand. At present, we have cooperated with more than 50 overseas brands, covering chilled aquatic products, frozen processed products, condiments, beverages, etc. The annual import volume has increased year by year, and has exceeded 300 containers per year.

Looking to the future

In order to continuously enhance the company’s overseas procurement capabilities and further meet the diversified needs of customers, Jufu established a new company, Sanki Trading, which is committed to selecting new products with excellent quality and reasonable prices from all over the world, and successively introducing catering ingredients suitable for Western, Chinese and hot pot in addition to Japanese food, and providing value-added services to customers as always.